When Someone Calls My Name

When I was younger, I was in a Christian rock band. We called it Rebel Cause… which I thought was really clever. (For this cause will a man leave his mother and father…)…

I wrote a song based on a chord progression that I liked and was picking way up the neck. It became one of my favorite songs, the way Sammy’s vocals and the bass came together… what Alfonso did on the drums. It was a haunting song.

Long long after that, I pulled it out for some acoustic, open mic things and I would practice it here in the living room.

When Ethan graduated high school he started playing guitar and got pretty good. He bough a nylon string and took a class and seemed to enjoy it.

One day he asked me to show him the song. He learned it. Somehow it connected with him. That made me happy.

Now the lyrics seem to speak to me… I can feel them, but I can’t hear them, I don’t understand… But here are the lyrics as best as I can remember them. (If I find a draft somewhere, I will fix it.)

When Someone Calls My Name

What do I see when I turn out the lights?

I see a shadow in the doorway.

My heart is beating in the heat of the night,

Did someone call my name?
There’s no running from the voices inside,

don’t try to find someone to blame,

there’s no hiding where there’s no place to hide,

And someone calls your name

God can I sleep tonight

And hear your cleansing rain?

Tomorrow, be a new day

And I’ll be born, I’ll be born again.

It’s not the bad you do that makes your life hell

It’s just the way you play the game

You’re not believing, you’re not doing so well

When someone calls your name.


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