It is what parents do…

It is what you do as a parent.

There was a safety seat and inoculations… watch what we feed you, and hold you carefully, read you the right stories.

Wolves and Boogie Men…

Doors have locks. And cabinets had latches.

Watching and looking

Baby to boy

Labels were read.

Vitamins and doctor’s visits.

Training and teaching

Dentists and braces

Wondering and worrying

Safe from fire

Safe from crime

Safe in the woods above the valley

Safe in my arms.

Read the right books

Heed the warnings… kept you safe.

Gave you what I thought you needed

I love you so I keep you safe






Everything in time, grade after grade,

Soccer and band

Karate and band

and band

and you think you’ve grown into a man

And I think I’ve given enough

And we think we’ve done enough…

And we let you go into the world.

But it wasn’t a wolf or boogie man that laid open my heart…

Nor something in the fog

That bring you home in ashes.

And no words can fix this.


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