The little unfinished things…

The little unfinished things are everywhere. This poem. That painting. The mess in the tool room. The house in LA. The windows there and the garage… and air conditioning and roof… and paint. (Okay, maybe some are big unfinished things.) Here is one small job… there, over there is a blue barrel for a compost tumbler. Waiting.

And then the shed in the driveway… the one that needs to be organized… and painted… and the radial arm saw that needs to be assembled… and the shed– with the posts I salvaged that need to be welded on and anchored to concrete. 

I thought in detail how the compost tumbler will go together. And how those posts would be anchored and welded on. I thought about what goes on these three canvases. 

And these things pull at me. Some call gently. Some demand my time. Some beg for my attention.

There are photos that need sorting, and a video of the local news we have to shoot. 

Here is a guitar left unplayed and two TV trays that should be picked up and put away. There is a green bag of ungraded papers on the floor. And a book in the kitchen half read. 

I have one sock on. 

There are ideas for a pond and a waterfall… and a drain for the sump pump, which by the way, needs to be dropped deeper… and the place where the jack hammer was rented last time? It is out of business! And there is a big rock by the tree outside that needs for whatever reason is in my head… to be removed.

And the house needs painting. 

A solar cube ac/dc generator sits in an unopened box. And it goes with a trailer that needs attention as well. The convection oven that needs installing and the screen door to be ordered. 

And there is a trash can lid with Ethan’s hand prints sitting by the canvasses. Waiting to be processed so that maybe I can one tattooed on my shoulder.

And on the fireplace is a pile of photos and cards… the remaining fake flowers. Some tokens of our recent journeys and a box of ashes that will need attention as well. 

And somehow I have to ignore all those little unfinished things and the voices they have clamoring for attention and go to work?

Coffee and then…

maybe the other sock first. 


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