Today is Friday

ImageToday is Friday…

And there is no bad news on Friday.

Friday is a happy day…

The prologue to a good weekend.

Happy day. Happy thoughts.

Today, the wheel will not fall off the jeep on the way down the mountain.

And today I will not be angry with people who act like people will act.

Today only good things will happen…

And do you know why?

Because today is Friday.

This is the day of Chocolate and rainbows.

Of school children and wage slaves throwing open the doors and jumping three stairs to run off into the weekend.


And I will tell you a secret…

That there is a corner of my torn soul that is happy.

There is a place in this broken heart that is joyful.

There is a place deep within me

Where all is well

And my son will have a life… not a death.

Where there is no tragedy that cut him down before his 21st birthday.

Where he has girlfriends and heartbreaks.

Where he has triumphs and joy and bacon.

Where he has debt and trials

And he grows older

And asks for money

And goes on a hike to the top of Half Dome.

And goes to see McGee lake where his grandfather found rest.

Where we enjoy, not just one more day, and not just one more year…

But a lifetime… a real one, not truncated by stupid irreversible tragedy.

And I recast the error in a thousand possible optimistic ways

Where I get to see his children

And here him complain about his teaching job.

And see his kids march in uniform to a Souza march.

And I watch him become… that man.


Today is Friday.

That even though this place exists only in my imagination

And with his brother’s heart… and his mother soul… each has place much like it.

And today is the day we can go there. For a moment on a Friday.

And even if we have to come back to this sad world with tears… of loss, of longing

Today is Friday… and there is no bad news.

And only good things will happen.



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