Sleepers win one, lose one…

I thought of you today… out at the field in Running Springs. It wasn’t just because in the dug out, one of the guys keeps calling Justin by your name… or at the difference in how each of you react to frustration. We won our first game. We lost the second by two runs. I miss you hitting and striking out. I miss you in right field. We missed you at Rocky’s after the game. 

I hit a home run today. An honest  shot to left center. At first I thought I made a mistake. The fielder in right center was playing me short and I thought I would go that way. But I pulled it a little and hit it toward Russ. Russ is good and he doesn’t drop anything. This time, though I lucked out. He ran up instead of back and it went over his head and kept rolling.

I had a great play at the plate… caught the ball, blocked the plate and tagged the guy out. But the umpire called him safe. So it goes. You missed out. You would have had fun. 


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