A lesson in fighting storms.

Today there is a light dusting of snow on the ground. The roads will be icy, but there is a nice, sharp chill in the air… a fresh crispness- if that’s a thing.

This wasn’t much of a storm. Not like some. There was wind, and a bit of a flurry… but not much. It’s still early in the fall- a bit early for a full on winter storm. 

I thought about storms. With storms there is no win, lose paradigm. You can try to fight a storm… go out and scream like a lunatic… or you can hunker down inside next to a roaring fire… and the storm moves on all the same. The moment you try to “win”… you get wet. 

There is a biblical story of a storm… and guys on a boat and Jesus calming the storm. When a furious squall came upon their boat, Jesus was asleep. We had an illustrated book that we read with the boys when they were younger… and it seems appropriate now…  Jesus can calm the storms.

Sometimes it seems that Jesus doesn’t calm the storms. He doesn’t call you out to walk on water. And at least in this last bad storm, He didn’t raise the dead. And what do you do? Where do you go? But all those times I railed against the driving rain… to the point of exhaustion, I know He stood by me… and when I finally gave up and came inside to hunker down by the fire… He was there with me… and He too, was soaked. 


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