Song for My Son: 1992-2013

Song for My Son: 1992-2013

There is dissonance in this silence

A song of irrevocable grief

And in the stunned half light of dawn

The ringing in my ears

I am not happy with the way you ended your life

Nor with having to live the rest of mine without you.

And to say this isn’t fair

It isn’t just

It isn’t right…

To say it is… unresolved…

Ethan, I long to speak with you

And encourage you and your restless thought

To stay a little longer and to see what is around the next bend.

To hear the next note and the progression of chords

To get through another repeat… another section… another movement

And work your way all the way down

Down to the bottom of the page

To that descrescendo and ritardando..

to the coda.



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