On Health

I don’t like working out. 

I like to play. I like to walk. I like to swim. But I don’t like my 20 minute elliptical here at homeor the 30 minute weight routine at the gym. If I could find some hiking or a paintball game or something less monotonous I’d do it. 

But I think grief takes a heavy toll. For most people (not me), sleep is in short supply. Stress is not in short supply. Other people want to stay in bed all day. Eating habits go down the tube. Some stop eating. Others eat everything in site. And the wrong foods… comfort foods, processed, high in fat and sugar… they become necessities. Chocolate is medicine. And activities? Everything is a chore… so working out falls by the wayside.


Today my blood pressure was 133/83. (That was after the elliptical and a shower… and before my atenolol.) My sugar was 113. Everything is a bit elevated and today I am probably going to the gym for weights and I am going to be very consciously looking for carbs to eliminate. Today my morning coffee (which really is hot chocolate pretending to look like coffee) is green tea. And my cereal was replaced by an egg white omelet with mushrooms and cheese and two strips of bacon. I like bacon. 


My wife is doing some kick butt workout in the living room. Those work outs? Every day. I don’t know how. But she does it. 

Grief is hard work. Stay healthy. 


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