People, for the most part, are kinda’ awsome.

I am thankful today for most of the bulk of humanity…

That may seem a bit odd, considering the number of selfish, mean spirited and stupid people that affect our lives on a daily basis… and in light of the horrid stories of sin, exploitation, abuse, crime, malfeasance and the basic newsworthy inhumanity and assholishness that fills the airwaves and internet. From crappy drivers, to bad service, to the broken, burnt out angry jerk who made your day all that harder… there is something to be depressed and angry about.

But if you go into a coffee shop and get good service from someone who is underappreciated and underpaid… it is a testimony to all of humanity. The fact that on a daily basis, people that I barely know take the time to try to make me feel a little better… it all gives me hope. The fact is that even in this hard economy, where people take crappy jobs that don’t begin to pay the bills, most, out of some sense of self-respect, work a bit harder than they need to and at least try to do a decent job. Most people, in spite of life’s twists and turns… in spite of hardship and depression, or circumstances few can even fathom… at least make the attempt to be kind and decent. And that makes them, and by extension, all of us, just a little bit heroic.


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