Playing it safe.

There is nothing safe about this…  trip fraught with risk.

Thinking. Walking. Procrastinating.

Sinking into the couch

I close my eyes and let the jingle from the commercial drift.

Take off my glasses. And minutes pass.

I am paying no attention to the stack of tests that need to be graded

or the papers I need to read.

And even though I want this to be deep

About life and love and hope

It is no deeper then a sense of fatigue

And the robot that sweeps the floor is stuck in the bathroom.

And I get disabused of my illusions.

And smacked down by life… so sometimes motivation is an issue…
There are a dozen things that I could do

Half a dozen that I should do… the short list that needs to be done.

including freeing the robot from the bathroom.
I can sink into this couch and be perfectly happy

Drifting off, until it is blue and shiny

like the fire that turns sand into glass…

beauty from ashes… But where to start?

I wear my name tag

I stand in line

I clock in and out.
I obey the speed limit.

Where has the time gone? I wonder if any of it really matters.

Maybe there isn’t a point to playing it safe.


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