Some Friday in February.

Yesterday was Bob Marley’s birthday. Ronald Reagan and Axl Rose were also celebrated…

Here in the middle of Black History month.

Looking over the numbers, it becomes clear that things are not going to add up.
And simply by wearing a red cape… well, you know, you’re not going to save the day.
And even if the thermostat was not operating incorrectly,

And the swamp cooler hadn’t slipped a belt…
You simply have to know that these things don’t work in the middle of winter.
It is Friday.
Go spend some time with your family and go glow bowling.

The amount of time at work does not automatically convert to productivity

And after a certain amount of time, there is the law of diminishing returns.

White people who either deny that white privilege exists

Or who simply don’t understand what the term really means

will ask, “Why do we have Black History Month? That is racist. When is White History Month?”
And you could point them to the Catholic girls school

Whose students thought that serving fried chicken and watermelon was the most appropriate way to mark the month…
And you realize that nobody really knows a lot about history.
You could get angry
But it would do no good.

But it really doesn’t matter.
Diminishing returns.
Go home now.
There isn’t anything more you can do today.


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