Living with Grief. One Father's Journey


The day before you were born. And then your life… all of it.

Passed by, And I grabbed at memories like swatting at water from a faucet.

There was too much, and for every image and picture and moment I caught and I kept

I lost a hundred more, fast, down the drain.

Yesterday the river flowed

And stopped like a broken tape

Those dreams and hopes, the music…

And music disappeared into the hole in the sun

And brought only darkness.

Yesterday, Fate spoke out of turn

And the judge held her in contempt.

Before the story started, it was over… and the aren’t any refunds.

And the tickets all ran out before the first bell rang.

Yesterday we cried in the dark and waited for morning

And the sound came before the flash.

And moved across the water.

And spoke your name.

The book fell open to…

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