More on coming up on one year… Thank you so much.

I’ve had a couple of people private message me on facebook and on Just checking in. I’ve had a few people stop me and ask how it is going. And my church family seems to be particularly tuned into the anniversary of Ethan’s death and how it might affect us. Today we prayed for a bit about that specifically. It is good to be concerned. This is pretty difficult and even though it might not look like it… it is a struggle.

My family and my extended family. I love you. I love your concern and I am thankful for that concern. We all need you very much.

So when you express concern, don’t get put off if I seem hesitant. I might be slow to answer… or I might give you that quick “fine” or “good” answer… and even though I don’t say it… or say it very often– I appreciate the concern. I accept your help. Thank you and keep it coming. Pray with me. Pray for us. And just be with us through the next few weeks.



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