So What do you do on good days?

So the other day I went looking through old posts… visiting some very hard moments and discovering some stuff that I was surprised I wrote. In some ways it was like watching someone else suffer… and trying his best and trying to be positive and look past all this…

And some of the poetry worked… and some didn’t. I don’t want to change the stuff that doesn’t work… but I definitely think some of it isn’t every good and could be fixed. (One more edit… one more edit…)

But I did pick up something … a pattern. I have a definite need to write, to articulate my thought, express myself, and figure it out and the more distressed I am, the more sad, the more angry, the more lost… the greater the need. So I don’t really tend to write anything on “good” days and lately, that has been more more frequent and so my posts have grown less frequent.

So what do I do on good days?

I work. I cook. I eat. I watch TV. I do all the same things I do on bad days… just less writing. And so it just goes on…


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