Hearing voices…

I listen to music as I drive… and it is an old song.

That I have heard many times… enough to know the lyrics.

And I breathe in, strong and I join in.
This morning while driving, I clearly heard a voice- your voice.

And it gave me a chill but I tried to listen
And I wanted to hear it again.

And do you know what it said?

What did it say? A voice…

Ethan, my son…

I can’t reach into the past and save you. And so I speak with you and I listen

… and I listen… and I hear the echoes of my own thoughts.

I miss your voice.

And this conversation goes on… without you. I hear my own voice answer.

And suddenly I am so alone and I miss you.

There are things more fearful than an empty sky. And it isn’t the thunder that will kill you.

So it is with life and loss and grief.

It aches.

And it can change in a moment.

I walk by a light pole on the way to lunch. It is set in the center of an incidental courtyard.

Yesterday a crow dropped a tail from a dead animal as I walked near it…

And I looked up at the fidgeting black bird

It calls out…

I can’t ask him why

Anymore than I can get any answers.

It’s just a crow and it doesn’t mean anything.

People will say the darndest things… to try to help.
Love and concern and compassion. Do you know what a gift compassion is?
And sometimes it feels like everything is slipping away… that the ground is growing soft

And with a roar in my ears I know, I know…

I know my walls are crumbling.

But the voices of my loved ones hold me up

Listen to the voices of love. They give me strength

And when waking and going on with today becomes an act will

All I may have is that one voice that calls to me

Above the roar of the waves, and the sound like thunder… above it all
And the cliffs tumble into the sea

Love can give you strength… the strength to stand

The strength to go on

And the same love that brought you grief, can carry you through it…

If you listen. If you listen,

You will hear it.


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