A second option…

Living with Grief. One Father's Journey

A second option…

What exists beyond the wispy veil of smoke…

In that cobalt blue of the morning dawn meets the jet black of the rolling forest?

Is there more than that shuddering breath I inhale and a lungful of sorrow I expel?

The trip through the roughness of life and a haze of regret

Or a walk of faith, over the fires and hot coals…

Is it about the wasteland and shattered remnants of desolation?

Or the soaring clouds wandering across the deep blue sky?

If I focus on my feet, will they move?

Or am I stuck sitting in these ashes?

Today, will look like a comedy or an opera…

And do I get any choice in the music playing?

All of this exists in a context that will include grief…

And stepping one step

Breathing one breath

Praying one prayer

And looking to the Spirit for comfort

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