First Walk of Spring

I walked this morning… not on some mechanical device… or in the afternoon down the hill at some shopping center.

I walked.

And of course I thought about my lost, my missing… About Ethan.

I walked in meter. I thought about syncopations. The tempo, the changing tempo of life.

Past the house where he first came home

I thought about the repeats and reprises… the rests and caesuras… a not on a long fermata.

Past the lake where he grew up

I listened to the time changes… regular meters in four and two… cut time

Passing the park where he played

And the threes, waltz, six eight, even seven sixteenths. 

Along the streets where he rode his bicycle

I walked down Arrowbear drive with the Star Spangled Banner… 3/4… in the stiff feel of a march.

And in all this I thought of Ethan.

And the sun came up.

And the day began. 



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