Hold me like a memory…

Living with Grief. One Father's Journey

Hold me like a memory,

Sing me a song if you can-

In the wide world of blue skies and wonder…

Of cool breezes and hot summer sun…

And that feeling that you could just run and run.

Don’t let it go unnoticed. Sing it to me.

And when you stop I will miss it.

Soothe the gap in my soul with a sound-

Of music, so loud it leaves your ears ringing,

And feeling high

Or a song so right you cry…

Don’t let it fade to silence, play it for me.

Because in the silence I am alone.

Bring me meaning and comfort like-

The smell of bacon

And winter’s first snow…

And that secret you only know

Let me know. Let me hear it.

I have forgotten what really matters.

My mind darts from memory to memory seeking something

Something lost. Some one gone. Time past and…

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