Repeat Monday….

Living with Grief. One Father's Journey



I don’t know what broke you my son.

I thought you were invincible.

I wish that moment could be taken back. But… You made it permanent. The note was struck and you know as well as me that when that mallet hit the gong… you can’t take it back. You were off. Wrong. Early. That note was never on the paper.

Humankind, it is said, cannot bear such reality.

But that is what we have to do.

And so it is in the air… a question of soul and hear… the ring of loss fading to a vibration in the chest of your survivors. It is the moment that anchors me to the past.

But I will make sense of this If it drives me mad.

Like a rag tattered in the wind. The bits have flown..

I don’t know where I lost you.

Not now. No. Please…

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