Catching a glimpse of yesterday.

Catching a glimpse of yesterday.


Somedays it seems I forget to be sad.

I forget that part of me

Empty and brittle

When the hot Santa Ana’s blow off the desert… and under a blue and cloudless sky

It seems like from these mountains, even the ocean is within reach

And in looking across those distances, whitened by the glare of the sun

Between the swirling clouds of coarse sand

And the eternal howl that dips low into your soul

And the breathy hush that sounds like the pounding surf
I caught a glimpse of you.

Clapping and happy… dancing.
And I wonder if you were trying hard to fit in
Trying harder to have fun… If it was real
Because I would have believed that you were happy and having the time of your life
And I couldn’t possibly understand how it could end so tragically in just a few months time.
Until that moment… I had forgotten that I was sad since then.
I forgot. I forgot. That inside… I was broken.
And once again I have to say goodbye to you.
And once again remember that I am sad at your passing.
That I miss you
And in these memories I will forget that you are gone

Just a glimpse… just a moment.

And then I have to remember

The wind howls outside

Restless and eternal

Ancient and deep.



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