Positive People

Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is near.

There was a specific quality I remember about a high school friend– David, that passed away yesterday. Something about him, something he did made him pleasant to be around. There are some people I like to be around. Something about them builds me up. Something they do or say… it communicates appreciation and value. I’m not one of those people. I should be… but I am often confrontational and grating, and not always happy, or cheerful… and sometimes when I try to be positive it feels fake and forced. 

David was about music. But not just about what he was “into”… what I was listening too was important to him as well. So I didn’t feel awkward or stupid around him. It was genuine and gentle. And he had a way of bringing me up to his level… whether it was his musicianship, or his smile. My playing improved when he was in the mix, and when he smiled, my mood improved. To be able to leave that impression… appreciation, genuineness… it is a gift.

I don’t think I can be David. But I do think I could be a better me.  A genuine, grateful, gentle person. I can be less argumentative and obnoxious. I can smile more. I can look at others with real appreciation. 



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