My thankfulness goes beyond just family. It goes beyond the incredible selflessness and the unexpected human generosity shown not only by those that share some genetic connection to me… but to this awesome extended human family.
But thinking about the fact that my bed is made and dry and certain.

And that I am not deprived of food or clean water.

I can even drink the tap water without fear of dysentery or cholera.

I think about the fact that I love my job and it pays well…

And I have satellite TV and wireless internet

And a smart phone

And more cars in my house than drivers.

And I wonder about the millions of dads out there in my situation: Grieving the loss of a child.

Who are also grieving the loss of their wife

Or the loss of their freedom

Or living in fear that it probably won’t be the first or only loss they face

Or who live in war zones

Or who live in unimaginable poverty

Who don’t have drinkable tap water

And a fridge full of food

And who may not be certain about a warm, dry bed.
But of all the material comfort and security that I am thankful for…
I am so grateful that I don’t have to do this alone.

I believe that grieving this great a loss  without some incredible network of support is neither completely possible or healthy



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