Random thoughts on a Thursday morning.

Today is the last day of school. My grades are done. The students did fine. Tonight is graduation. 

And I’m feeling blue.

I think I’ll take some time with my son, Justin and just drive around a little track in an electric cart… since there is this big gap between the end of this shortened day and graduation tonight.

I am ready to tear down a garage. I have the truck packed up and I am ready to meet the dumpster people at 8AM in LA tomorrow. Which means leaving here at 6:30. I think my friends Joey and David are coming to help on Saturday.

Last month I ran into a friend from my old church at a store. In the sea of tools, I was looking for the right wrecking bar. He hadn’t seen me in a while and I greeted him with a handshake and a smile and that kind of half hug chest bump man thing appropriate to the aisles of Home Depot. He asked me how I was doing and said he was sad to hear about Ethan and some other nice things. “I’m fine. Marquita’s fine.” And he went on… talked about a few things, interspersed with some Jesus speak… then he said, almost as a closing…”Everything happens for a reason, he’s in a better place.” It was almost sing song…

I didn’t say anything. But I felt a little tension in the back of my neck and anger from the pit of my belly. 

“We’ll, bye…” I think I said… smiling. “I have to get going.”


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