Reblogging… Remembering that event… The homeless guy that came in looking for matches… followed by a little boy that was crying and screaming that this man just hit his sister… And when half the store chased him outside, she was standing there with her mother, bleeding and crying.

Living with Grief. One Father's Journey

The day started with an alarm going off way too early. I moved slowly knowing I only had about four hours of sleep and I dragged myself through the morning routine. 

My facebook has a message saying that my son Ethan, who has been dead now for almost 7 months… likes music. That made me pause. Messages from beyond, do that…

Off to work. Dragging. Foggy. Rough drive down, slow traffic and the plastic windows in the Jeep are cloudy. And yesterday I didn’t get a sub, so people are a little cranky. 

Classes drag. Run out of lessons early… not going well. Lunch. One more class…

And then at the end of 4th someone is down an iPhone… a brand new one. So I’m out of patience and acting very unteacherly… and we find the perp on video. 

After school he gets bitchy in the office and spews and…

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