Tasks and tasks…

I have to say that I have kept very busy this Summer. There are no days off… even when I am on vacation.

I think about Ethan often. I miss him, every day, I miss him.

I took down a garage. I tried to get the plans and permits. I’m still waiting for them.
I tried to buy the property next door. But our debt to income ratio is too high… and we are still working out a loan.

I walk the new dog, every day. About a mile. Sometimes twice. 
Justin and I play softball every Sunday. And all of us have been going to Lifequest- our church… a small group every Thursday… and some gathering ever Sunday. 

I’ve been devoting time to creativity… I painted a letter S… and it simply didn’t work as a composition. No flow. I don’t think I can fix it.
I painted a couple of portraits… one painting- two faces…  and it turns out that faces, human faces… every subtle change of line or contour, every bit of space or shading or highlight has a profound effect on what that person or who that person looks like. One line and suddenly it isn’t the same person. One millimeter off and then the expression changes. A bit of color… and the look is odd… So my sister, Hannah who is very good at faces… I contacted her and got her advice. We had an entire conversation over Facebook and I sent her image after image… But I did get it right… or about right… with her help. 

I’m starting a fence for this dog. I started  by building a couple of large tori gates. One is decorative… the other will actually frame the gate for the yard. Justin and Marquita helped me today. We stained it with water sealer… a sort of chocolate brown…
I dug the holes for the larger of the two gates, the decorative one… by hand. One footing is between our gas and water lines.

I started reading a book. I read the introduction and the first chapter. And then I realized that I was speeding through it and cataloguing information. I learned in college to read through chapters very quickly, pages and sentences- glossed over and mined for information… read, but not enjoyed. It became habit. So I stopped and last night I re-read the first chapter… at a more human pace- not for information… but for enjoyment…

Am I enjoying my summer? 
I’m not sure that is the question I need to ask. I am doing what I want to do and what I need to do…


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