Sail On: Lessons on the Voyage of Magellan…

I pass what used to be a bag company where the freeway bends leaving downtown. There was a brewery at the bend- Brew 102… and now there is a vacant lot, making the bend in the freeway a little less necessary.

And so on one of the last days of summer break… a sticky, hot frustrating day.
I think on the memory of my departed son.
What was a bag factory is now Magellan storage

And I think about the famed explorer and the lessons of his voyage…
Of how he and his crew engaged in a journey of conquest, exploration, discovery…
And how they were the first to circumnavigate the globe…

Except Magellan didn’t make it.

Among the forced converts in the Philippines was a chief named Lapu Lapu who not only wouldn’t convert, but wouldn’t pay his share of the tribute to the Spanish king that Magellan demanded…

So Magellan took some 50 armed men, with guns and lances and bright steel armor along with hundreds of his Filipino allies in small boats and started to burn some village…

Lapu Lapu showed up with some 1500 warriors and ran them off, killing Magellan and a couple of his men and an unknown number of Filipino warriors… maybe 9 men… with bamboo spears, poisoned darts and clubs… It became known as the Battle of Macatan

So Magellan didn’t circumnavigate the world. That was his crew. That was his plan.

But he didn’t make it.

He named the Pacific Ocean. And they named a penguin and the Straits of Magellan for him.

Lapu Lapu kept his body and wouldn’t give it back for any ransom.

Where the Spanish built a Cathedral and monuments to Magellan in the Philippines, in recent years Statues of Lapu Lapu have been put up all over the islands.


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