Tribute to Nam: I am sad, but not depressed.


We lost a good one yesterday… Nam Dang.
I believe that he was struck down by cancer, after a short but intense battle…
And battle is something he has done all his life…
Health issues and access issues and stairs.

With his compassion intact, a big heart.

And a healthy and dry sense of humor.
I know of this through my son, Ethan
And through Nam’s kindness after Ethan died.

I am writing this, because Ethan would have written something… much better. Having known Nam’s friendship and heart much better than I do.

Push the boundaries and take risks… and fall down and get up again.

Don’t be embarrassed to let a brother lift you into the car, if that is what it takes to get to where you are going.

Say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, how it needs to be said… even if you aren’t 100% certain- take that risk.
And reach out, even if you don’t know if the other person will take your hand or not.
Yesterday, I cried on the way home. (Queen’s “Under Pressure” was playing)
As I drove up the mountain and I thought of Ethan driving this car and Nam sitting in that seat.
There was a moment… a perfect moment before these two men passed away…
That kindness and compassion triumphed over adversity
And a laugh and smiles
And a ride home in a jeep
With the wheel chair loaded awkwardly into the back seat

And Nam, there in the passenger seat (“bro, can I get some gas money?”)

With the tire chains and piles of trash down at his feet
And old french fries and empty cups everywhere…
And they are driving through the dark…
Too fast… but laughing.
And I smile.
The thought challenges me to be better.
Today I am sad. We lost a good man.
But I will go on.


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