Planning out the day.

No work today… so I don’t have to drive…
And I hear a song and I am lost in it.
The tears are so thick I pull over until the song ends…
And the only rag I can find smells like window cleaner.
Not today.

There is nothing I want more then to pull from the past…

My boy,,, and

All my hopes and dreams from those days

And bring them into my day today

Hold them in my lap like a warm fat cat.

Over and over that night repeats

And I can’t shut it off.

Like a song stuck in my head,
I just have to let it finish.

And somehow I no longer feel like I am falling backwards

That moment when you lean back too far in your chair.
I no longer feel like I have just been struck in the face.
Or fallen off the top bunk in my sleep.

I just sit here with the cat

And plan out my day.



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