I know it is Christmas

I tried to work myself to exhaustion.
Wake up. Pick up Bobby in Riverside.
Drive to LA.

Work on the house. Fabricating and installing a railing.

Two days in a row… working and driving from before dawn to well after dark.
And it isn’t that I don’t want to go to parties
And laugh at the white elephant gift exchange

Or enjoy a cup of egg nog
or watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.
It isn’t that I don’t want to see the lights

or put up a tree and hang decorations.
Or buy presents and wrap them
I want to see the smiles on the face of my wife and my son and hear them laugh
Christmas has always been my favorite time
And there are so many happy memories..
But this year I am on the run.

And so my arms are burned from the flash of the welder.
And my legs hurt from squatting and crouching
And my eyes are tired.
And out there Christmas is going on.
Whether the secular consumer version
Or the Christian version
Or Japanese feasting on KFC
Or bad rock songs on a classic radio station
I am sad.
And all the lights and all the music doesn’t fill
That sad empty place
I know it is Christmas.
I know.


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