Checking in.

I’m not writing much these days. Nor am I reading much. Nor am I painting much… although I just finished a painting of a Corgie waiting for an airship… I suppose that could mean that I am doing much better. Or maybe not.
I’m not writing much because the morning time I devoted to writing I now spend with a trainer at the gym… trying to lose some of this weight I put on.

School is winding down. And my students are beginning to flake out… Grad night is coming. Graduation. And then Summer.
I’m still collecting ideas… for paintings. For road trips For poems.

I picked up my guitar for the first time in a long time… and ran through a couple of U2 songs which wasn’t too bad… but probably not very good.
I was collecting words… phrases. Ideas to steal. I pick up little fragments to work into my poetry… and I stopped doing that. I should have at least taken a few notes while we were visiting with Marquita’s family for her cousin’s funeral in Oklahoma… To pick up on observations… on these perspectives and unusual verbal patterns… This strange mix of Oklahoma and Texas, and Oakland, CA, and New Orleans Creole…


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