I have been doing this for two years.


For two years I have been blogging… Writing. Sharing.
For two years.

All out of pain. The intense pain of loss. Because I lost Ethan.

And so on this trip… I think about writing. I think about Ethan.

Today I ran into a painter in a gift shop. And she was painting animals in oil. She and her husband had this little corner… and she talked about going out and taking the photos and the taking another photo… and then talking about light. And she works in oil… and her husband works in acrylic. She said her husband worked faster… and I shared that I had the habit of sticking my brushes in my mouth…

I think about painting.

And we, my son, Justin and I, saw some incredible things today. We did the bus tour… Mount Rushmore… these pigtail bridges, really inadequately sized tunnels carved out of the stone. and a cool arch bridge… and these rock formations along the needle highway. We saw wildlife. And we went to this ridiculous chuckwagon dinner thing that was a lot of fun.

I think about what I want to do in life.

So far, it has been a good trip. Bucket list kind of stuff… and that term, “bucket list” came up with people on the bus tour and at dinner… so I guess these are the kinds of things I want to do.

Tomorrow it will be the Little Big Horn…  and then on to Yellow Stone and south toward home.

I ate a lot on this trip… and I hope I don’t gain too much weight.


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