On conversations never finished.

The conversation was long, but had a very small vocabulary and it started, “God, no.” And that is all I can think to say.
It was loud and vocal and bathed in tears it was punctuated with gulps and gasps. Shouts of pain in a voice that sounded less and less like my own.
The tears were hot, and I pulled the car over into a turnout because I couldn’t see. The light in the sky was fading.
“No, no, no…” I repeated over and over and over again. Until the breath in my chest faded.
And God and I spoke to each other. Me in a single word over and over again, and He in silence.
And soon my eyes were dry and sore and my voice lost all volume. And in me was only emptiness.
I pounded the steering wheel and then rolled the window down and felt the cool air blow across my face.
And outside there was only silence.


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