And Ethan asked a question…

And the one question remains.

Living with Grief. One Father's Journey

Dad, why do T-rexes have short arms?

Dad, what would happen if dinosaurs were here today?

Ethan asked a question.

As soon as he could talk he asked them…

Dad, what, and why? Dad? How and where? Dad, When?

Can I have that? Why not?

And I tried to answer them all. Truthfully. Honestly.

Scenarios… rhetorical situations… queries about size or nature and about method, purpose or intent… why?

And as he got older the questions changed.

He’d ask for things, about things, and why, why, why?

And maybe the questions slowed down… and he was asking more for things than about things.

And then all of a sudden the questions stopped. All of them silent… except for…



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