Happiness falls.

And it seems like a good day… one of those waning days of summer
Where the heat is giving it one last shot.
But here in the mountains, it is nearly perfect.
One of those moments, you know?
The small lake, a pond really, is full from the last set of thunderstorms.
And more are expected this week.
Walking the dog, I think I am happy.
And everything seems okay.
But then I remember
Do you remember what happiness is?
I think about my boys… the little one
Taking them at the park.
And I remember that I was happy once.
Really happy.
And that now, no matter what I have
at my happiest moment
There is that pain at the bottom
No matter how empty it seems inside
You know, right?
This remnant of pain in the pit of my gut
And as much as I think it sucks
It is my reality.
So I clutch at it and hold onto what I can.
And I know it has gotten old. Grieving.
But, happiness falls
And I got to catch what I can.


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