I’ve been thinking about secrets and that idea that somehow, with depression or grief or whatever internal struggles a person may have, that it is the keeping of secrets that somehow feeds the fight. And maybe why that is why blogging helps. I write it out and then hit “publish” and there it is for anyone to see. Why that should be helpful in terms of coming to grips with this reality… I am not precisely sure. But whatever works. Works.


One thought on “Secrets

  1. I agree. I always write a lot when I’m in distress. I’ve written a lot about Paul but have only shared one thing so far. There will be more. Sometimes I think I’m doing okay, and then the loss just hits me and I lose it. It’s so hard to look up at the apartment and realize (once again) that he’s not there and he’s not coming back. Sesshu’s post Letters From Paul was so touching. I could remember so many of the things he had written about. I held my breath when I read them, I’ve found out through the years that helps hold back the tears. Probably not healthy. But I couldn’t have read it with my eyes full of tears anyway. Later they came.


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