After the shooting

So it wasn’t until a few days after the shooting that I realized that I knew one of the victims. Prior to that realization, there was this one degree of separation… people that knew people- a teacher I used to work with, her spouse. Some friends on the mountain, their friend. A page I frequent, her ex husband. But now it was that biology teacher with the dry wit from that school where I was Assistant Principal.

And I started yesterday debating gun control. Really looking hard for answers, for solutions… for meaning. Because I want the violence to stop. But really it did nothing to ease the pain in the pit of my gut. If nothing else it just left me sad with the certainty that this will continue to happen as a price of our “freedom.”

And that thought that these mythical men that founded our country wouldn’t have minded at all the daily carnage that we are exposed to seems odd. But many, if not most, did not mind the human deprivation of slavery, so the thought of a room spattered with blood and dozens of grieving families, maybe that wouldn’t phase them either.

What a bunch of jerks.

So, I will concern myself with the painting of koi and the mending of relationships and the chasing off of woodpeckers. And accept that Facebook arguments will never solve big problems, but only weaken relationships.


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