A Couple of Days at the Races

My arms are sunburned. And I did a lot of walking. 10 miles a day.
The thing I like most about the Grand Prix… all the races… is the sound. There is a sound you get, that you can’t record- and you don’t get it on television. Especially the sub audible sound you get in your gut, in your chest. And the doppler shift. You know what that is.
And really, you can see the races better on TV… and you would get a much better idea about what is going on. When you are at the races, the cars go by and you see them for a moment, and then they are gone for a bit… and if they come back in a different order, there is no way to know why.

I ran along the beach and felt old. It wasn’t like I was 30 years ago when we ran for miles up above Santa Barbara. I could have ran forever. (There was a moment camping at El Capitan and I think I fell in love with Marquita then… I never wanted to leave her.) But the morning air was cool and perfect and I ran as much as I could.
I enjoyed the smells of the BBQ stands and the food trucks and the taste of $5 sodas. And watching the super trucks take to the air and land with a bounce.
I really enjoyed the inflatable T-rex costumes.
And there were moments when 180,000 people were too many. Or the race track people and ticket booth people were kind of… rude? And I did get tired of sun and standing and getting bumped over and over again by strangers.

But I found a quiet place where I could stand by myself in the shade and keep track of things. I could see where people were and where the cars on the track were and I could still hear the sounds.

I could be having fun among a quarter million people and I suddenly feel anxious. Or I feel sad. Or I just feel like I don’t want to be bumped or crowded… And that is just what it is. And I can shake it off and walk through the paddock area and watch them work on the cars. Or go inside and look at new cars and wonder about buying one.

And I think about the inflatable dinosaur suits… and the one that dropped his fan and couldn’t really pick it up. And I think, hey, I can do that. I could be a T-rex.


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