This isn’t good news…

So we get this overdue bill… for a $15,000 loan. And I don’t know what it was for and it isn’t familiar to Marquita. She isn’t happy. And there is interest and late fees. $2500 or so. We haven’t taken out a loan.

It turns out that there was a loan application that we did with the contractor. A year ago. A loan we didn’t “use”… at all. We filled out the papers, but when we found the interest rate was 16%, we decided to go cash. And we never drew any money from that line of credit.

BUT the contractor says we did… and there was a dollop of money last June. $15,000… that we didn’t know of. The contractor got that money.

However we paid the full amount of the contract. Every penny. Problem is, we didn’t write checks. We took money from the savings account and got cashiers checks. I have no record. I have dates. I have numbers. But no proof. I have no receipts for any of the money we gave them. Nothing. I have no cancelled checks.

I think I am out $17,500…. and I think my contractor ripped me off.



2 thoughts on “This isn’t good news…

  1. This! Makes me boil! I am so angry on your behalf!

    On top of everything—EVERYTHING.

    What is wrong with these people!?

    I am so, so, so sorry this happened to you and Marquita. I can’t tell if I am sorrier or angrier.

    Why??! Why. Why. Why. Why?

    Why do I keep asking when that answer never comes. Not with this situation – or others far more painful.

    But I’m asking why again. In the rain in the almost silent dark.


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