Happy Teachers’ Day.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. And interestingly enough I am not feeling well. I’ll talk to Dr. King about that. About coughs and sniffles. About the pressure of and sugar in my blood. About depression and yellow toenails. But right now I am just wondering how I’m going to get from this school in Bloomington to the office in Redlands in about 5 minutes. School lets out at 3:10 and the appointment is at 3:30. I supposed to be there 15 minutes early.


So today a man in a turban and an Indian accent brought all of us luch. Turkey wraps and chips and cookies. He was selling something and trying to set up appointments for retirement consults…


People have posted stuff on facebook and I should be gracious… but sometimes I am not.

It just seems like many of these same people spend a lot of time online waging war on public education and are either indirectly or directly attacking public school teachers are suddenly very appreciative of us and our efforts. Happy teacher’s day. Yeah. Thanks.


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