So another Father’s Day

I’m sitting around thinking. Because it is Summer break and this should be fun or productive or something. The worst mass shooting in our history… not counting those genocidal and racist acts from history… and it hit me. So I went off babbling and arguing with people and it was only because my thoughts were going off and I was trying to find some kind of center. And all I can think of is the parents of 49 kids… of families and siblings and children- forever missing someone who just went out to dance. And nearby a gator snatches a 2 year old. And I can’t wrap my head around that…

So Marquita and I are going to New York City for our 30th. And I have a lot to look forward to. And I have painting and contractor work and stolen check for $15000 that I haven’t gotten back and I have to lose weight and eat right.

And everything has to do with mourning.


One thought on “So another Father’s Day

  1. We all are facing the challenge of understanding all that has been happening lately, Sabro. I hope your trip to New York will allow you the space to enjoy life for a little while at least. Take care……………………..RogG


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