New York

There is a lot of New York that is about surviving tragedy and rising from the ashes.
It was burned almost to the ground during the Revolution. Rocked by riots during the Civil War and shelled by the Navy. It has been burned and flooded and bombed. And yet it not only survives, it thrives. And so prepare to cry at the 9/11 Museum… at the artifacts that survived. At the last column. At the remains of fire trucks. Visit St Pauls… another survivor, not just of 9/11 but of wars back to the Revolution and of Hurricane Sandy… and don’t forget to stop at the Callery Pear tree by the two large memorial fountains… it is a survivor. When you visit the Chrysler building or the Rock, or the Empire State building, remember that they were built during the Great Depression.

And during the 80s and 90s the city was a vision of dystopia… with guns and drugs and violence, thousands of murders and muggings and piles of garbage and a thick coating of grit and dirt and graffiti… economic stagnation… And the Big Apple survived.

And then it thrived.

That says something.


One thought on “New York

  1. Yes, this tells me you will survive. You will love life again. You just have to realize this. Do not feel guilty when you are happy. You still have your family and your friends that love you, love them back, laugh with them, cry with them but do not feel guilty.


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