Worry will make you sick

I called in sick today and I have spent all day pretty much on the couch napping. Yesterday was hellish and it wore me out. And it has nothing to do with germs or pathogens…

I started the day after spending the night at my brother’s house so I could run a 5k down at the beach. (The run did not make me sick either). After the run, my wife and I went to breakfast (which also did not make me sick.) While waiting I got a text from my friend. He wasn’t good. He was ready to “end the show”…

After that the next 24 hours was awful. And I felt awful. I texted his girlfriend- he was missing… and then called the sheriff’s office. I worried. We hurried home just in time to meet the sheriff… I prayed. I messaged. Phone calls. I posted online looking for him. I kept expecting bad news.  And later I slept but woke up tired.

I ached. My ears were ringing.

And this morning I get the call, he was found safe.

I was exhausted. Spent.

Really, this was like some flashback to those days after Ethan death… that same ill feeling.  I guess anticipating a much different call. I guess that is with me.


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