On this side of heaven…

So today another birthday passed
Without my son.
And I stayed home because
Well because my arm hurt and I went to urgent care
It has been hurting for two weeks.
And I found out that my heart isn’t quite right
Beating slow.
So I have to get more tests.
And I got pills for my arm and a brace
A spasm and ache. I went to the pharmacy and then home
And I guess it stopped hurting.
And then I napped… on this side of heaven

Justin drove me down again and I took more paintings to a show at a distillery that will happen on Friday
And ate out. Went back home.
And I started painting another Koi painting.

There was no cake today.
No phone call or hugs
No gifts. Or birthday song.
We each did a shot of tequila.
On this side of heaven.

And I am glad I stayed home from work.  On this side of heaven.


One thought on “On this side of heaven…

  1. I hope you will be okay after all your tests. I am very happy you are doing this. Do this for Ethan, he would love knowing you took these tests thinking of him.


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