I have to say…

I have to say…

Before my voice goes hoarse…
To see, before my sight goes dim.
The seasons roll again
And another year slipping…

To hear, before like the first soft falling snows of fall:
The sound fades to a muffle.
In the cold of that blue light
In the wind below the moon
Where there is no other sound
Or feeling but cold
The pain seems so distant
And I feel so much closer
To whom I have lost

And Summer is over. Fall is here.

I have to say… something.
The memory fades
And I close my eyes hard
to try to stop the tears.

I have to say
I can hear the blood flow from my scraped knee
And see the rust grow on the open gate
I can watch and listen
And groan beneath the weight.
And hope that the heart beat in my chest
Means something

I stand with my hands at my side
I stand with my head bowed
I stand with my eyes low
And I breathe to say something
That will hold me up for just a little while more.

but for the ringing in my ears, I would pray for mercy
And clutching my empty hands tight
I struggle to hear the sound of my son’s laughter
And I can’t find the memory.
I have to say something.
I have to say something.
Before it is gone. I have to say…


2 thoughts on “I have to say…

  1. Thank you Sabro, you said so much in this post. You will never forget the sound of his laughter. You will never forget the beautiful memories. You will remember all those beautiful times you shared with your son. No one can ever take this away from you


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