I want to believe

I want to believe the best in people. I want to believe that they are kind and generous and good at heart. I want to trust them and love them.
I see a blue sky and I know it isn’t going to rain today.
And when I put my key in the ignition and turn it, I hope my car will start.
And sometime today I will sing with a song on the radio.
I want to believe that people care, and that my friends are behind me.
And that you matter and I matter and that children matter.
I want to believe that the rainbows I saw on the drive home meant something.
I think shooting stars are special and fire flies are incredible.
When you drop something it will accelerate down at nine point eight meters per second squared, minus a little bit of air resistance. And you can fold a paper airplane that will fly for a hundred yards. I believe in washing hands and holding hands and in science and dinosaurs and that baking soda and lemon juice will always fizzle and foam.

There are a lot of things I stopped believing in. And there is some sadness in that.

I want to believe that chocolate is good for me. The sound of fireworks is as important as seeing them… and you can feel it in your chest. I like that. I also want to believe I can lose all this weight. I want to believe that my cat loves me. I can hear the truth in music and it will make me better.

I want to believe that this actress looks the same in person as she does on the big screen.
I want to trust the water I drink is clean. Good will always beat evil and Chewbacca gets a medal. Good has to win. It just has to.

And then there is purpose and meaning and connection to the universe. I believe in potential. I believe in goodness. I believe in second chances. There is God and answered prayer and something about always doing what is right, no matter what the risk or the cost is. I think that faith need for us to put ourselves out there and not be complacent and that if we aren’t acting like what we believe is truth, then we don’t really believe it. That if our actions are extraordinary, our faith is extraordinary as well.


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