Holding daddy’s hand.

I was leaving Target, pushing a red shopping cart full of school supplies…
When I noticed a little gesture ahead of me.
It was beautiful…
As a small boy bounced along the sidewalk, unaware of the cars and the people
And he danced along the curbside, only feet from tons of steel and rubber
His father called and reached out a hand.
And the boy grabbed onto it… and then looked up, smiling.
And skipped along the sidewalk.

That was love. Love kept him invisibly safe. Love brought him back from the brink… that edge of destruction. And he never broke pace.
Love was his name in his father’s voice. And an open hand reaching down.
Love was grabbing that hand… and looking up with a smile
Without fear…
Love was that bouncing, dancing, skipping step of a preschooler
Holding his daddy’s hand
on a warm Summer day.


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