Consistency of blood.

Where was that?
I could not answer.
I cleaned the walls with a bleach solution that smelled like a swimming pool.
And it brought back memories.
Where was that?
It is very far and he is never coming back.
You will have to deal with it and so will I.
I poke around looking for memories like looking through some old card catalogue.
And at some point I remember hitting my head on the glass…
Which did not break, but the blood from my scalp sprayed a thin arc of red
Which ran slowly down.
And I thought of wooden boxes
And metal knobs
And all those things that fade into the past
Like skate keys and metal wheels.

And there is my childhood. The memories of what the Belvedere pool smelled like.
And those huge filter tanks and the golden moths we’d catch by the honeysuckle that left powder on my fingertips.
Or the smell of chorizo cooking in the morning as I walked down the hill to school.
And those rainbows that oil formed in puddles in the asphalt.
And the smell of a hot car…
I can’t think anymore.
I can’t remember.
But really I am thinking of that last christmas…
That very last one.


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