I do not know the name of that star
And I do not say a wish.
I see the dark spot on the wet earth.
And I count the missing

from my life
And they aren’t coming back,
I can’t dig the glass from my scalp
Or unplug my clogged ears
And the years just seem to bury every thing deeper.
I want to hold my boy up on my shoulders and point at that star
And give him the name.

I stand there in the dark of a winter night
My feet melting into the earth as my eyes scan the sky
My soul fading in the cold air, sinking ever deeper
Like the tears rolling down my cheeks.
And my breath rises in a swirl.
I talk to you, my boy, like you are here
And in the pit of my gut I know you can hear me.
Someone says the stars are the souls of those who went before us
Staring down.
I do not know the name of that star.
But I know your name
And I say it to the stars.


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