So I missed too many days. Work wants to dock me $1200 unless I get a note from my doctor, because the last one expired. The last one just said I was depressed and may need additional sick days. (That way, they just dock me the hundred and something dollars a sub costs.)

I get there early, the nurse shows me to a room… and I weigh in, get my blood pressure and pulse… which was high for no reason, except that I was in a hurry. Doctor comes in with a medical student and a high school student and I have to tell the three of them the whole story about how my son died and how I need a note.

So he leaves me with just the medical student who runs through a list of questions. How do I sleep? How is my weight? What do I do for fun? When was the last time I went on a hike? He’s writing stuff down with a mechanical pencil and has very very tiny, very neat handwriting- printing, really.

He leaves and the three come back… and he’s ordering some blood tests and wants me to take a pill to protect my kidneys from diabetes, which I maintain I don’t have. He doesn’t say anything about the weight I lost. And I don’t want to take a pill. I still need a colonoscopy, which I still haven’t scheduled. And he’s not going to write me a note because I’m not depressed. I’m actually happy. I’m a three. You need a 7 or a 9 to be depressed. And there is a difference between sad and deptressed. I might be sad, but I’m not depressed.

So there it is. I’m happy. I’m sad. But I’m not depressed. And I don’t get a note. Which makes me sad.

The nurse comes back and gives me a tetanus shot. Now my shoulder hurts.


One thought on “Happiness

  1. LOL, good writing. Sounds like you are fine, sounds like they just want to give you meds for anything. Doctor had us fill out yes or no answers to some strange questions, like have you fallen down lately. So we just said no to everything, I have a feeling they record this and tell our insurance.
    Yes, happy, then sad, Yes, this is normal for what you have been going through and I’m still proud of how well you are doing.


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