There isn’t any reason

I can find no reason why compassion should replace the suck it up and deal with it mentality necessary for success and survival in this modern world.
There is a reason why the person talking is full of shit and a reason why you shouldn’t listen to him.
I can find no reason for the size of the avocado pit.
There isn’t a good reason to spend a lot of time in a job you hate, unless you are
supporting a family and there is no other immediate choice. In which case, you should be actively pursuing employment closer to your passion.
There is no reason to believe the health claims on nutritional supplements or anything you see in an advertisement.
If some people knew the truth they couldn’t tell you. And if they are telling you, then it isn’t the truth.
It is Toshiro Mifune acting mad in black and white. Is it obvious that he is lying? Or that perhaps in his madness, it is the only truth…

There is no good reason why nickels are larger than dimes.
Compassion and sympathy and empathy.
Like avocado pits and nickels and dimes.
And even though punctuation and spelling have rules.
There are exceptions. There is no reason for this.
Or charges on your phone bill that you pay without question.
Or prayers and bible verses said loudly over a bullhorn
Or memes that give specious quotes from long dead men.
And I guess you can transpose the french horn part to alto sax,
But there probably was a reason why it was given to a French horn in the first place.
And if you prefer a metal mouthpiece to a black resin one… there is that.
There is a difference between Bone Black and Mars Black
And between different grades of blue cheese
And there may be a reason why that Rothko sold for $82 million
Or why the keys are too small for my fingers.
And then there is death and loss and grieving and why your loved one is gone.
I can give you a reason, thinking that it will help.
But it is bullshit and you and I know that.
Maybe there is a reason.
But if you don’t know it, I certainly don’t and neither do the people who claim to.
There is a reason for dust and for mosquitos and for bread mold and death.
There is a reason for entropy and thermodynamics
And if you must know perhaps there is a reason for everything
But if I am telling you what those reasons are
take it as evidence that I don’t know what I am talking about.
You can tie me down and maybe I will laugh
As the medium spins to tell the dead man’s tale.
But you don’t believe that either.
There is no reason to.


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